Signage – New 47” multi-functional Philips Public Signage Display launched

MMD, the exclusive marketer and reseller for Philips-branded LCD monitors and public signage displays worldwide today announced the launch of the 47″ LCD digital signage display, the BDL4771V. With a host of connectivity options and functional features, alongside the traditional low power consumption, this new model brings a high brightness, high performance 47″ model to the already comprehensive range of Philips brand public information displays.

Users can enjoy video walls with stunning digital high definition up to nine units in a 3 x 3 configuration, thanks to DVI loop through. With the implementation of a video splitter, that can increase still further.

“This new 47″ display comes with a host of connectivity options that deliver not just an amazing picture quality but also an extremely high performance,” said Morgan Sun, head of MMD’s Public Signage Display division. “Thanks to the narrow bezel on this model, it is also ideal for affordable high definition digital video walls.”

Boasting all of the features that are standard on the V-series of Philips brand Public Information Displays, as well as low power consumption, the BDL4771V delivers on performance whilst delivering a lower TCO. The new model incorporates Smart Insert, which allows the user to slide in a small form factor media player on the rear of the panel without increasing the overall depth of the display. 700 nit brightness ensures that the viewing quality can be enjoyed in areas of relatively high ambient brightness.

“Our philosophy has always been about delivering top performance displays whilst simultaneously reducing power consumption as much as possible,” explained Sun. “With utility prices around the world only going upwards, we’re able to maintain a lower total cost over the course of any project’s duration.”

In addition to the low costs of use, the display can be controlled and configured via an RJ45 network cable, as well as by HDMI, which can simultaneously send audio and video signals to the display, cutting down on the need for additional cables. Video can also be streamed via a display port, which allows better video streaming of 1080p video quality over multiple displays.

“The BDL4771V takes performance and functionality to a whole new level whilst staying true to our corporate vision of offering great quality with a low cost of ownership,” concluded Sun.

The new BDL4771V is available from early July 2012 through all MMD business partners in the Asia Pacific region. For further information on Philips public signage solutions please visit